Photo credit -  Jason Leiva

Photo credit - Jason Leiva

Enjoy the company of your guests while I create a unique culinary experience tailored specifically for you in the comfort of your own New York City home.

My food philosophy is simple: the best ingredients, local when possible and handled with respect.

I offer a variety of culinary experiences to suit your nourishment, pleasure, personal preferences and dietary requirements.  Warm hospitality, fine dining, tradition and elegant food presentation are provided with every meal.  I will work with you on:

private dinners
business luncheons
cocktail parties
special events
cooking lessons
locally sourced

The pricing depends on the style of service, the number of courses, ingredients utilized and party size.  

Email for event inquiry and customized menu

Persian Farm-to-Table Shabbat Dinner
Plated Meal

• Local Harvest Salad •
shaved fennel,  melon, olive &  grapefruit

• Stuffed Kohlrabi •
cardamom spiced ground beef & leeks, finished in citrus broth with snap peas

• Celery Khoresh •
with turkey leg, mint & dried lime,
served with saffron basmati rice

• Roasted Chicken •
with sautéed green apple, dried apricot & lush prune, served with roasted potatoes, garlic & rosemary

• Dessert •
pistachio & rose cake 

•Artisanal Cocktail Party Bites
Hors D'oeuvres

• Bacon Wrapped Dates, Goat Cheese •
• Open Face Sabich Sandwiches •
• Mushroom, Chive & Pecorino Bruschetta •
• Chicken Albondigas, Apricots & Prunes •
• Tabbouleh Salad Bites • 
• Pistachio Date Biscotti


Sample Menus

Middle Eastern Feast
Shared & Plated Dishes

• Plate-less Course •
fried cauliflower with parsley & sea salt
classic hummus with spicy cilantro
fava bean spread

• Mezes •
lentils, acorn squash & yogurt dressing
tabbouleh, pepper, pomegranate & herbs
fried kibbeh, mushroom & pine nuts
eggplant, herb salad & tahini

• Little Neck Clams •
steamed with tomato, fennel & arak
basmati rice, cranberries & mung beans

• Poached Pear
white wine & cardamom with crème fraîche

veg tagine.jpg

Persian Fusion
Family Style

• Deconstructed Baba Ghanoush • 
• Shirazi Salad of Tomato, Cucumber, Radish & Herbs
 Lentil Salad, Charred Scallions, Acorn Squash & Yogurt  
• Pomegranate Walnut Fesenjan with Chicken
• Braised Lamb, Prunes & Apricots •
• Tilapia, Tomato, Cilantro & Fava Beans • 
• Jujeh Chicken Kabab •
• Basmati Rice, Sautéed Carrots, Beans & Cinnamon •
• Tahdiq - "Bottom of the Pan" Crunchy Rice •

Forbidden Drunken Roast
Plated Meal

• Cocktail •
arak, grapefruit & sage

• Market Fresh Salad •
red quinoa, avocado, radish, cucumber,
scallion & spiced chickpeas

• Appetizer •
eggplant stuffed with ground lamb,
pine nuts, herbs & tamarind

• Main Course •
roast chicken infused in arak with fennel & tangerine, served with basmati rice with sautéed onions & chickpeas 

• Dessert •
turkish coffee ice cream & kanafeh

Green Eggs & Ha-llou-m-i Brunch
Family Style

• Kuku Sabzi •
Persian herb fritters, labneh yogurt
• Green Shakshuka •
baked eggs, celery, cilantro & merguez
• Pan-Fried Halloumi Cheese •
zucchini & tomato
• Pomegranate Walnut Pancakes •
watermelon, mint & lemon zest